Face time

I don’t mean the time we spend in person in front of others. I mean how much time, and effort have you put into creating a great picture of yourself for all of your social media channels?

What people should see is a clean shot of your smiling face, showing what you look like and your personality. That early impression is lasting, even in a photo.

Your profile image should not be a selfie with a cluttered background. It should also not be a picture of your dog or cat. Travel scenes tell me you travel, that’s all. It’s also hard to figure out which person you are in a group shot, especially if we’ve never met!

I wonder how many more likes and contacts you will make by showing a friendly smile? Or even your smiling eyes? It’s worth the time it takes to do it right. As most small things are!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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