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NYC Room with a View

West 43rd Street and 8th Ave. 38th Floor, looking east

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Golf balls or snow balls

Sort of gives new meaning to taking a “snowman” on your scorecard! For those non-golfers that means you took an 8 on a hole. The tournament was called off for the day because of 2″ of snow in Arizona. Average … Continue reading

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The marketing opportunity that slipped away

This past Saturday night, prior to CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada game coverage, the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs honoured their players who won the Stanley Cup in 1963. Some of the most famous names ever to play the … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Merchandising Suggestions

Grocers have the perfect opportunity to sell more items if they would stop and think of ways to make things easy and fast for their customers. But they don’t get it. Example: A favorite summer treat at the campsite or … Continue reading

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Hiding the truth

The Pope is retiring. Okay, he is old and his duties must be exhausting. But why is the real reason not being shared with the world? So far the official reason is “advanced age”. What would be wrong with the … Continue reading

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Apple’s core

Cook said, “noting that its retail outlets now see 10 million people per week across its 400-plus locations”. And……the average Apple store does $50 Million a year Amazing numbers, yes? Here is one more. Six months and counting before the … Continue reading

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I’m wondering, again. Is this course still offered? Not that I’m interested! How about DIY auto repair?

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Sharing words of wisdom #2

A series is underway……. “Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own”

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Social work

From a marketing point of view, for a business, social media is a lot of work. The required heavy lifting isn’t getting done, so things get stale. If you’re not current the perception is you don’t really care or in … Continue reading

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Canadians defined

We are Canadian! The Official Canadian Temperature Conversion Chart: 50 Fahrenheit (10 C) Californians shiver uncontrollably. Canadians plant gardens. 35 Fahrenheit (1.6 C) Italian Cars won’t start Canadians drive with the windows down 32 Fahrenheit (0 C) American water freezes … Continue reading

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