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Going forward

As we plan for the future, prepare for what’s ahead, work to improve, think of what there is to do, and otherwise keep going, can we please, please, please, pretty please, stop using this relatively new phrase “going forward” or … Continue reading

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Family defined

I was chatting with a friend at work today about Valentine’s Day. That led to a discussion about the dynamics of a family and how the traditional definition of family has changed. Her definition of what makes a family work, … Continue reading

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It’s been suggested by many experts as a tactic to achieve a goal, place a picture of what you want in a place where it is a constant reminder of that goal. This positive reinforcement is supposed to enable you … Continue reading

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Worrying defined

Full credit for this brilliant insight goes to Roy Williams from his Monday Morning Memo. Worrying about something is “borrowing trouble from tomorrow”. As I said, that is brilliant. This helps to explain why so many people are in debt! … Continue reading

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Increasingly common

Pick a subject. Let’s choose sleep disorders. As it’s often stated about this problem it is “increasingly common”, I wonder what that means. Does it mean the problem is growing or does it mean that as we learn more about … Continue reading

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Anxiety defined

Fear plus planning = anxiety

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Exponential growth

Maybe it’s not technically ‘exponential’ but I dont’ know what else to call it. Today, Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday. So, let’s say 11 short years ago, this game changing network didn’t exist. No one ever heard of it. Yet. … Continue reading

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Mobile Technology

No, I’m not talking about smart phone technology. I’m talking about new cars. There is a lot of noise (new geek term) lately about cars that can drive themselves, parallel park themselves and more. The latest story is about wi-fi … Continue reading

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Great fans

Who are those two curmudgeons at the Winnipeg Jets game vs the Vancouver Canucks holding the Angry Torts cut out?

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