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Everyday, while at the office, out on sales calls, spending time at home, enjoying time with friends, even while walking, exercising, listening to music or a podcast, I see or think of something that I feel is important enough, to me at least, to share with others. It truly does seem that I “wonder”around and not “wander” around, hence the name of the blog, wonderingaround.me

My greatest source of inspiration for a post is people and being engaged in a conversation with them. Many times someone will say something and I will think “wow….there’s a post”!

Of course reading is another great source. Sometimes a single word or a sentence buried in a page will jump out and become the catalyst for another post.

The problem I have is finding a convenient way to keep track of these ideas as they come to me. Recorded voice memos and Evernote are the best combination I have found so far.

I don’t know when I stared wondering around. Maybe I’ve always done it and never realized that I was. Since starting this blog in August 2010 it has not only been unexpected but really gratifying to see the number of people from around the world subscribing and commenting on my meandering thoughts and observations. It’s a little humbling too.

If you are thinking about blogging, stop thinking and start writing. Your theme and purpose will evolve as you go. The benefits are many, as I have found both personally and in my business, as people are curious about why and how I do this. Anything that can encourage a conversation is a good thing.

About me? If you would like to get more insight, you may find it at http://www.murrayhill.ca

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