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The Betterizer

Does your business have one? Amazon does. Just click on their Betterizer tab and you are asked what you like in music, movies and books. The result is they now have a better idea of what will entice you to … Continue reading

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Assembly time, 20 minutes

Maybe after you have completed at least one! No tools required. Yea right. Had to use the trusted rubber mallet, more than once. The good news, there were no left over parts.

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Quote Recognition

Let’s just say I wrote something that I thought was brilliant…I’m just sayin’. Let’s say I thought it was quotable because it was so damn clever. I’m wondering, where the hell do I send it. Is there a great quotation … Continue reading

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How to be disciplined

Become a disciple. People like this believe, truly believe in their heart of hearts that what they are doing, whatever that may be, is worth it to themselves and others. If you don’t believe in the value of exercise you … Continue reading

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Content with content

I was until content (the words and images and audio and video that fill anything online) has taken on a whole new and special meaning. I wonder why. We have had content since early civilization learned to communicate. The first cave painting was … Continue reading

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