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Doing what’s best vs. doing what’s right

Doing the best thing or the right thing. They can be quite different. Choosing to do the best thing is an easy default position. You can easily hide behind this decision because it’s too general. Choosing the right thing requires … Continue reading

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The Cost of Living

Typically this term refers to how much it costs to live measured by metrics such as the Consumer Price Index which reflects the costs of daily living based on the current price of everything from groceries to gas to interest … Continue reading

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Get motivated

Without a clear motive, you can’t be truly motivated. Your motive is your reason for doing something. Know that and motivation will follow.

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Good Behaviour

It’s the beginning of a new year. For weeks we have been reading about how we can achieve our new goals and make our resolutions happen. Here is one that may actually work. Just go about your day imagining someone … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how we can clutter up our inbox with e-mails that we have volunteered to subscribe to. I look at the junk that comes in every day and wonder what was I thinking? The first day of the New … Continue reading

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