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Living fearfully or fearlessly

Like anything else, the way we make decisions is a choice. If you are full of fear of what might happen if you change something in your life you likely will decide to do nothing. Doing nothing usually results in … Continue reading

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Two ways to lead

1. Intimidate others to create fear. It works but only in the short term. Why? Because this method takes away individual freedom of thought and expression. Eventually your followers rebel because people don’t want to do things they don’t believe … Continue reading

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The true test of honesty

Let’s be honest. Most of us see ourselves as being truthful. To me though, being honest is bigger than that. Being honest is choosing a path in life and then being true to that path. You stay on that course, … Continue reading

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An easy way to be more helpful to others

Want to do more good more often? Then imagine yourself as a lighthouse. Become a virtual lighthouse with a working beacon. This way you’ll always be there to prevent others from crashing into the rocks.

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Avoiding vulnerability

We all have weaknesses. We could all use some shoring up and improvement when it comes to our character traits, personalities, attitudes, skills and even habits. So before someone else recognizes your weaknesses and tries to take advantage of you, … Continue reading

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Croud searching

We have a new term to use! We are familiar with crowd sourcing where people come together online to proved information and also we know about crowd funding where people choose to invest in the ideas of others. Now we … Continue reading

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Failure is okay

We’ve all heard the stories about inventors getting it right after numerous failed attempts and baseball players with home run records who also hold records for the most strikeouts. Here is another about having to endure failure while on his … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes

With the announcement that Getty Images is going to release 35 million stock photos at no cost for non-commercial use, Jonathan Klein, the CEO of Getty Images says, “images are the communication medium of today and imagery has become the … Continue reading

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