Over the last few months I find myself drawn to the documentary category on Netflix. The reason is simple. Watching a documentary is entertaining and educational. Who knew learning could be as much of an escape as any good drama series.

If you like to think and discuss about what you have watched long after ‘the show’ has ended here are two documentaries that I believe are more than worthy of your time.

This quote in Social Dilemma sums up the entire story. The quote goes something like, the only other business that refers to its customers as users is the illegal drug trade. We are users on social media. We crave the rewards of recognition and acceptance and we always go back for more. Countries and organizations know this and exploit our attention with messages that can change our thinking and behaviours. The message in the documentary that I believe to be true is that the divisions we are witnessing between rich and poor, black and white, right and left are being driven by content on social media delivered by algorithms and artificial intelligence.

For a literally immersive experience watch My Octopus Teacher. If you want to learn about survival and relationships in the most unlikely way then spend less time on social media and watch this unique story. It is worth every minute of your attention!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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