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It’s more than using kind words or just saying the right things. Kindness to others is truly revealed by your actions. If you believe in the real value of kind actions you will create a feeling in others that will … Continue reading

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Meeting Etiquette

People who think they can’t be heard when they whisper something to the,person beside them are rude. And pretty stupid too. The rest of us might not be able to hear what you are saying but it’s still a big … Continue reading

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Point of View

This often used phrase generally refers to one’s opinions or outlook or beliefs. When someone chooses to share theirs with me all to often I hear things that are shared or common points of a group or tribe. So please, … Continue reading

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Be Flexible

It’s a great way to create a good and happy life. If we insist on sticking to a plan to achieve whatever our goals are we will either miss out on opportunities or because of stubbornness stick with a way … Continue reading

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