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Deep Pockets

In a recent conversation with a friend, while we were talking about the apparent issue with the bendable iPhone 6+, I predicted that someone is going to change fashion design by creating pants or jeans with bigger pockets. It’s already … Continue reading

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A great card game

No, I’m not talking about a deck of cards. I’m referring to greeting cards. You know, the ones you can still buy and mail or physically hand to someone. The game I play is based on anticipation. I know that … Continue reading

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Eating healthy

Here’s a great tip. Buy and eat food with no bar codes. Think about it!

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Back to the basics

I saw this sticker in a car window that’s so worthy of sharing. “I miss Johnny Cash and common sense”. To me, this spoke to many things that seem to be in short supply today. Originality, authenticity, honesty, and simpler … Continue reading

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Stress reduction

A friend told me how she manages to control stressful things in her life. 1. Identify the things that have the potential to cause the most stress. 2. Schedule the tasks that will get rid of that problem into your … Continue reading

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Smart TV’s

If you don’t have one of these new ones does that mean your older TV is reasonably intelligent? By those standards I’m sure we all have at least one in our homes that is completely stupid!

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Words of Wisdom

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” Robin Williams

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