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Sign of creativity

I saw this displayed on the tailgate of a welding truck…. “We can weld anything, except the crack of dawn”. If I ever needed a welder, I know who I would hire!

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The “Murray Hill” font

There is a font style named after me! How cool is that. Oh, wait……maybe I’ve been named after the font. I have a friend who can analyze your hand writing to determine character and personality traits. I’m going to send … Continue reading

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The perfect storm

Anticipating the return of our Winnipeg Jets in a blizzard. It makes perfect sense to me!

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Knowing your business

When I recently asked one of my advertisers, who is in the spa business, what business are you really in, what are you really selling, his response was brilliant. His response was ” we are in the smiling business”. Definition? … Continue reading

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Marketing the weather

The tourism marketing folks for the Long Beach Lodge on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the small town of Tofino are good at what they do. Real good. Right now it’s “storm season” on the coast. Normally this … Continue reading

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What is your urgency? Do you have any? Can you display any when you have to? If you don’t show any urgency when you want to get something done personally or you want someone else to do something for you, … Continue reading

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Sharing Words of Wisdom

Words sometimes jump off a page when I am reading. So much so, the thought that has been conveyed makes me stop reading because I’m thinking about the meaning. So I wondered, why not share these moments of clarity. Here … Continue reading

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A great exercise

Jumping for joy. Try it.

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Are you in an “elationship”?

Are you elated about something (or someone)? Is there something you have been thinking about doing such as learning a language, starting a blog, building a new relationship….or anything that requires you to actually get off your duff and take … Continue reading

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Work Productivity

I wonder how much more I could accomplish in a work day if every 30 minutes I asked myself what have I accomplished in the last half hour. Not just list what has kept me busy, but actually add up … Continue reading

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