Words of wisdom

“There are seven days in the week; someday isn’t one of them”. Unknown

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Weight loss

Over the last six months I’ve lost weight. Losing more than a 20 pound bag of sugar is a good thing. It’s a feeling of accomplishment as well, as I’m very close to hitting my weight loss goal. 

Along the way I’ve realized that losing weight doesn’t always have to be measured in pounds. Most people I know are weighed down with things that can’t be physically weighed. Yes, those heavy things in our lives like worry, fear, stress, anxiety, fatigue, illness, etc. are taking a bigger toll than a few extra pounds on our well being. 

I’m wondering how much better off we would all be if we stopped to recognize these heavy things that you can’t see are really weighing us down? What if we chose to set different weight loss goals? Take steps now to reduce or eliminate the mental baggage you have and your feelings of accomplishment will soar.

Just because you can’t step on a scale doesn’t mean you can’t measure your results. You will know you are on the right path when people close to you start asking what’s different about you. They will notice a change in your demeanor and outlook. Know then that you have truly lost weight! 

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Giving thanks

Canadian and American Thanksgiving are very much the same even though they are weeks apart and are celebrated in different countries. 

The similarity is giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. 

At any time of the year there is something we can all do and be thankful for the effort. We should always be harvesting the people who are close to us.  Nourish your crop of family and friends. Gather them up and bring them closer and give thanks!

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Looking for answers

We all are, all the time. We have issues and problems and baggage that never seem to end. And, it seems that the so called small problems present as much difficulty to solve as the so called big problems.

Here is a suggestion to help you find  potential solutions to your problems.

Try to imagine what outcome is that you would like to experience. In other words, start at the end and work backwards. Creating the vision will let you see the answer instead of trying to think of an answer.

I wonder if that’s where the phrase ‘looking’ for answers came from?






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Under the influence

Here is a great quote that falls into the category of “you are what you eat”.

“What you pay attention to in the world is what you’re going to end up knowing”, from Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psycological Wealth, by Robert Biswas-Diener.

It’s okay to be under the influence of someone or a group. Let yourself be open to change and associate with people of like minded thinking and interests. It will be very good for you. 

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Stepping out from the shadows…..

Just do it. You’ll be very surprised what can happen when the light shines on you.

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Reversed polarity

Recently I had to boost a battery. You know the type, like a car battery with positive and negative posts. 

The warning on the charger was clear. Red is positive and black is negative and of course there is a shock hazard if they are reversed. 

It did make me think and not just about what I was doing. There are so many people in this world that seem to get their wires crossed by behaving and thinking in ways that are shocking. They really need to take the time to read the instructions! 

I wonder if we all could be grounded better by paying attention to some basic rules?

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More of the same 

Give more, get more. I know. That’s been said and written about since the fur trade! 

Let’s give the phrase a visual reference. Think of this like an upward spiral. If you want more positivity in your life then be positive. If you want more gratitude then be more gracious. If you want more love then be more loving.

Start your upward spiral with a really wide base. Then you can grow higher because of your solid foundation. 

Go build something…..now!!

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Most of us want to travel more than we do, because it’s good to “get away”.  I especially like the planning phase of a trip too. I believe though that there is a way to become a tourist more often and…..without cost!

Try to see your life as a trip. You can view the journey from start to finish if you wish but I’m suggesting treat each day as a trip. Try to appreciate what you see in your own community. Know exactly where you are just like a GPS equipped device! Be kind, courteous and respectful to others so they can enjoy their daily travels. Like a tourist, we want to have an experience to remember. Then travel with an open mind and cumulatively things will happen that you will never forget. 

Enjoy the trip. Start planing and don’t get lost!

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Driving in the dark

I believe this is the perfect analogy to help understand and deal with the frustration of  attempting to achieve your goals.

Let’s use spirituality as the example and let’s assume you are searching for faith. A difficult search indeed because it’s such a subjective goal. 

Your search is like driving in the dark because you can only see as far ahead as the headlights will light up the road. However, as you continue your search…..or keep driving…..the distance the lights shine keeps repeating itself and eventually you reach your destination. You will find what you are looking for, a hundred yards at a time, even though you didn’t know where it was or you didn’t know what it looked like because you had never been there before.

So remember, to get where you want to go in life, it happens in segments of time and space. As you continue on your road you will see the curves and obstacles as they appear, steer around them, and keep going. Soon you will find what you are looking for, even though at one point the end wasn’t in sight. 

Don’t be afraid to start something because you don’t know where you are going. Know that you just have to deal with segments of your journey one at a time. Eventually great distances will be behind you.

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