Yes, there is an app for that! I have one that lets me make daily entries, like a journal. 

I often open the app without knowing what I’m going to say I am grateful for. Doing this forces me to realize that I do have much to be thankful for, beyond the obvious things like friends, health, etc.

Drilling down often leads me to understand that my life is better than I think it is. It’s mine, I’m living it and I’m lucky to have what I have. It also makes me see my shortcomings which leads to asking myself what I need to do to change. 

Remember, all the good things in life, as defined by you, are not based on bank deposits and withdrawals. Being gracious for who you are, and knowing who you are is a lifeline, especially when something has been taken away from you or in times of loss. 

So yes, today’s entry in my journal was….I am grateful for my strong internal belief in myself. It was very empowering to read those words. I wonder how many others are fortunate to be able to feel the same about themselves? If you’re lucky enough to be one of them, be very grateful! 

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Children’s Books

The classic book for a young child tells a story based on a central idea or theme and is often beautifully illustrated. 

My collection of these books is growing and I don’t have any young children. I buy them for myself because I appreciate not only the creativity but also because I admire the skill of the author. In just a few pages, these skilled writers can convey valuable lessons and ideas that can be taught and learned by anyone of any age.

Next time you are in a book store or buying books online check out the children’s book section. When you do, please realize and appreciate what makes these books so different from an “adult” book. At the concept stage the writer has to have such a clear vision of the story line to then be able to enable the illustrator to create the the right drawings and images to support the story. I always wonder what the artist must feel like when they have that “ah hah” moment about what the story will look like. I guess it’s much the same process when a popular book is turned into a great movie!

And remember, if you are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for an adult, they will always remember you gave them a book for their inner child!

Here is a starter recommendation that is my favourite in my collection. It’s called,  What Do You Do With An Idea, written by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom. 

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What are you worth?

I don’t mean monetarily, or the stuff you own. I mean, what are you worth in terms of the value you bring to others.

Yes I know it’s hard to measure so here is a way to keep track. You know you have value when friends you haven’t seen in a while remind you of something you did for them and you don’t remember doing it.

If they remember and have waited to tell you, you must have done something good, making you a worthy friend!

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Word of the day

For those of us who are tired of using and hearing the word ‘change’, let’s change it up. I strongly suggest ‘impermanence’. Go ahead, impress your friends!

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Words of Wisdom

“Attitude is the most important choice any of us will make”

Seth Godin

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Happy Re-New Year

Some words to re-peat as often as necessary for our new year:

Re-birth, re-awaken, re-energize, re-new, re-start, re-vive, re-store, re-concile, re-purpose

Lets just re(ree) and see what changes be re-sponsible for in our own lives and in the lives of those around us!

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Words of wisdom

“There are seven days in the week; someday isn’t one of them”. Unknown

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Weight loss

Over the last six months I’ve lost weight. Losing more than a 20 pound bag of sugar is a good thing. It’s a feeling of accomplishment as well, as I’m very close to hitting my weight loss goal. 

Along the way I’ve realized that losing weight doesn’t always have to be measured in pounds. Most people I know are weighed down with things that can’t be physically weighed. Yes, those heavy things in our lives like worry, fear, stress, anxiety, fatigue, illness, etc. are taking a bigger toll than a few extra pounds on our well being. 

I’m wondering how much better off we would all be if we stopped to recognize these heavy things that you can’t see are really weighing us down? What if we chose to set different weight loss goals? Take steps now to reduce or eliminate the mental baggage you have and your feelings of accomplishment will soar.

Just because you can’t step on a scale doesn’t mean you can’t measure your results. You will know you are on the right path when people close to you start asking what’s different about you. They will notice a change in your demeanor and outlook. Know then that you have truly lost weight! 

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Giving thanks

Canadian and American Thanksgiving are very much the same even though they are weeks apart and are celebrated in different countries. 

The similarity is giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. 

At any time of the year there is something we can all do and be thankful for the effort. We should always be harvesting the people who are close to us.  Nourish your crop of family and friends. Gather them up and bring them closer and give thanks!

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Looking for answers

We all are, all the time. We have issues and problems and baggage that never seem to end. And, it seems that the so called small problems present as much difficulty to solve as the so called big problems.

Here is a suggestion to help you find  potential solutions to your problems.

Try to imagine what outcome is that you would like to experience. In other words, start at the end and work backwards. Creating the vision will let you see the answer instead of trying to think of an answer.

I wonder if that’s where the phrase ‘looking’ for answers came from?






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