Stepping out from the shadows…..

Just do it. You’ll be very surprised what can happen when the light shines on you.

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Reversed polarity

Recently I had to boost a battery. You know the type, like a car battery with positive and negative posts. 

The warning on the charger was clear. Red is positive and black is negative and of course there is a shock hazard if they are reversed. 

It did make me think and not just about what I was doing. There are so many people in this world that seem to get their wires crossed by behaving and thinking in ways that are shocking. They really need to take the time to read the instructions! 

I wonder if we all could be grounded better by paying attention to some basic rules?

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More of the same 

Give more, get more. I know. That’s been said and written about since the fur trade! 

Let’s give the phrase a visual reference. Think of this like an upward spiral. If you want more positivity in your life then be positive. If you want more gratitude then be more gracious. If you want more love then be more loving.

Start your upward spiral with a really wide base. Then you can grow higher because of your solid foundation. 

Go build something…!!

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Most of us want to travel more than we do, because it’s good to “get away”.  I especially like the planning phase of a trip too. I believe though that there is a way to become a tourist more often and…..without cost!

Try to see your life as a trip. You can view the journey from start to finish if you wish but I’m suggesting treat each day as a trip. Try to appreciate what you see in your own community. Know exactly where you are just like a GPS equipped device! Be kind, courteous and respectful to others so they can enjoy their daily travels. Like a tourist, we want to have an experience to remember. Then travel with an open mind and cumulatively things will happen that you will never forget. 

Enjoy the trip. Start planing and don’t get lost!

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Driving in the dark

I believe this is the perfect analogy to help understand and deal with the frustration of  attempting to achieve your goals.

Let’s use spirituality as the example and let’s assume you are searching for faith. A difficult search indeed because it’s such a subjective goal. 

Your search is like driving in the dark because you can only see as far ahead as the headlights will light up the road. However, as you continue your search…..or keep driving…..the distance the lights shine keeps repeating itself and eventually you reach your destination. You will find what you are looking for, a hundred yards at a time, even though you didn’t know where it was or you didn’t know what it looked like because you had never been there before.

So remember, to get where you want to go in life, it happens in segments of time and space. As you continue on your road you will see the curves and obstacles as they appear, steer around them, and keep going. Soon you will find what you are looking for, even though at one point the end wasn’t in sight. 

Don’t be afraid to start something because you don’t know where you are going. Know that you just have to deal with segments of your journey one at a time. Eventually great distances will be behind you.

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What do we know?

We know a lot about a lot of things. And if we choose, we can access more information about anything, sometimes more information than we can manage. 

Some knowledge though can’t be found in an online search. When it comes to our emotions and senses the only way to truly know and understand them, and ourselves, is by experience. 

Want to know more? Then make a choice to do more, be more, try more. If we did challenge ourselves I wonder how “smart” we really could become?

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Building confidence

Do you want to be seen as a confident person?

Here are two things you can start doing immediately.

  1. Don’t hesitate when asked a question. Be quick to reply, even it means that you have to repeat the question back as you think of what you are going to say. The longer the pause the greater the chance you will be seen as less confident.
  2. Speak clearly. Avoid um’s and aw’s. Don’t give someone a chance to second guess you with your apparent uncertainty.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to look the other person in the eye as you are speaking. Looking down or away negates speed and clarity every time.

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New season noises

A friend said to me that she has a favourite sound for each new season and when she hears it that’s proof that a new season has started. Of course I began to wonder what my list of  new season noises would be. Here it is:

Spring: dripping water from melting snow

Summer: a lawnmower starting up

Fall: leaves on the ground blowing in the wind

Winter: crunchy footsteps on snow

When thinking about this list I also realized how lucky I am to live in a place that has 4 very distinct seasons! If you are as fortunate, what’s your list?

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How invested are you?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about living. We can invest in our thinking, behaviours, emotions, relationships, education, careers, business, giving, receiving, health and anything else you can’t go to a store and buy. 

The question to ask yourself is “am I under invested” anywhere in your life. Do a quick checklist, discover where you are deficient and make a personal deposit. Like money, over time, the investment will grow. 

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The difference between music and a song

We hear someone say “I really like that music” or “I really like that song”. I say those phrases all the time too. 

I’m going to change what I say now because I understand there is a big difference. I’m crediting this understanding to a quote I just read:

“Words make you think thoughts. Music makes you feel a feeling. But a song makes you feel a thought”. Edgar Harburg, Lyricist

Now I understand the power of a favourite song. A song brings thoughts and feelings together. This changes the way l will now listen to music!

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