Building confidence

Do you want to be seen as a confident person?

Here are two things you can start doing immediately.

  1. Don’t hesitate when asked a question. Be quick to reply, even it means that you have to repeat the question back as you think of what you are going to say. The longer the pause the greater the chance you will be seen as less confident.
  2. Speak clearly. Avoid um’s and aw’s. Don’t give someone a chance to second guess you with your apparent uncertainty.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to look the other person in the eye as you are speaking. Looking down or away negates speed and clarity every time.

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New season noises

A friend said to me that she has a favourite sound for each new season and when she hears it that’s proof that a new season has started. Of course I began to wonder what my list of  new season noises would be. Here it is:

Spring: dripping water from melting snow

Summer: a lawnmower starting up

Fall: leaves on the ground blowing in the wind

Winter: crunchy footsteps on snow

When thinking about this list I also realized how lucky I am to live in a place that has 4 very distinct seasons! If you are as fortunate, what’s your list?

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How invested are you?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about living. We can invest in our thinking, behaviours, emotions, relationships, education, careers, business, giving, receiving, health and anything else you can’t go to a store and buy. 

The question to ask yourself is “am I under invested” anywhere in your life. Do a quick checklist, discover where you are deficient and make a personal deposit. Like money, over time, the investment will grow. 

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The difference between music and a song

We hear someone say “I really like that music” or “I really like that song”. I say those phrases all the time too. 

I’m going to change what I say now because I understand there is a big difference. I’m crediting this understanding to a quote I just read:

“Words make you think thoughts. Music makes you feel a feeling. But a song makes you feel a thought”. Edgar Harburg, Lyricist

Now I understand the power of a favourite song. A song brings thoughts and feelings together. This changes the way l will now listen to music!

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Coincidence or Godcidence

The title of my post is actually a partial quote. I’m using it the title because of the significance to me of the statement.

Last night I was one of the fortunate few who was able to get a ticket to an annual winter event in our city where a group of people enjoy a gourmet dinner in a tent on a river….in February. (this year the tent was set up on an old rail bridge because the ice wasn’t thick enough… warming I guess.)

We sat at one large communal table with maybe a total seating of 60 people. Of course you meet people you don’t know who are either sitting beside or across from you. I introduced myself to a couple from Mexico. He has been here working in our city for less than a year, his girlfriend arrived here just yesterday from Mexico.

Our conversations were fun and yet quite meaningful. At one point I said to them that I believed things were going to work out for them here because of who they are and their true belief in their vision of achieving a better life. Fate had brought them together and their faith in themselves and each other would give them that life.

Because they both adamantly agreed with me and admitted they believed in fate he replied with this wonderful statement….. “I do not believe in coincidence, I believe in Godcidence”.

I wonder if there was a bigger power at work last night that brought strangers together to become friends. I think there was, and I’m going to call it Godcidence.

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Spring is coming!

How do I know this cold hard fact? Costco in Winnipeg has two aisles fully stocked with BBQ’s, hoses, planters, seeds and more! It was a warm feeling to see this after just walking in from a February winter storm. 

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Living art

Maybe the title of this post should be The Art of Living?

The Globe and Mail’s TV writer John Doyle, states in his review of HBO’s new series, Vinyl, that art has “….the force to make you feel suddenly alive, question what you experienced before and eagerly anticipate more of what just hit you.”

Maybe if we let art, of any kind, be a bigger part of our daily lives we would live a better life? 

And by the way, apparently HBO has another hit series about to launch!

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On being human

I just read an article where the writer states, “it’s okay to be a human being.”

I’m glad to hear that! But what the hell does that mean. Somebody should write that book! A suggested title could be “How to be a Human for Dummies”. 

I wonder if there is a manual I don’t know about?

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Do something good today!

Here’s a suggestion.

If someone representing a business you’re dealing with, from the person taking your order at the drive through to a service person fixing some sort of problem for you, and they do something that impresses you, go public with the praise for that person and business. 

From Urbanspoon to Yelp, from Facebook to Twitter share the story. Everyone wins! 

I wonder if we did this more often if we could overcome so much of the rampant negativity that seems to be everywhere?

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Joking around

Everyone has encountered that uncomfortable moment in a social environment where someone tells a good joke, everyone laughs and then there is complete silence. It’s uncomfortable because there is an expectation by the group for someone to tell another good joke. 

Be the one to keep the laughter going. It’s easy. Spend some time to find a joke that is funny and relatively safe. Try to avoid the standard ethnic joke. Just one good one is all you need. Commit it to memory. The next time people in a group looks around for someone to save them from that awkward moment, you’ll be the one they remember. Why? Because they will secretly wish they were capable of doing what you just did. 

No joke, it actually works!

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