Protesting Protesters

In a free and democratic society like Canada you have a right to protest, as a group or as an individual.

Typically, the purpose of a public demonstration is to raise awareness of your cause. Peaceful protesting will do that.

What militant protesting will not do is convince others to join you or get us to act in favour on your behalf. In fact, it does exactly the opposite. It actually increases the divide between you and those you have chosen to inconvenience.

Try protesting without causing disruption. Both you and your cause will benefit much more.

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Online subscriptions

This comment is directed to any online business that offers a paid subscription service.

If I like what you are offering and choose to sign up by paying a monthly or annual fee then please, do yourself a huge long term favour and don’t hide your cancellation agreement.

Display your terms i.e., “you must cancel 24 hours before the free two week trial ends”, everywhere and often on your sign up page. Don’t hide it. Show it plainly and clearly.

This will not only create an image of trust, it will also result in a huge reduction of poor reviews because you seemingly cheated us.

I wonder how many more sign ups you would get because you didn’t hide the fine print. You’re allowed to have a policy. Just be upfront about your rules. More people will like you longer. We may even say nice things about you!

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Write your own eulogy

Not that you will have any control about what is said about you after you’re gone, but at least you’ll have a clear vision about your life’s work along the way.

It’s probably a good idea to update it as you progress too.

Keeping the end in mind is a great habit. To me, it’s my favourite one of the seven as written by Stephen Covey.

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Words worth repeating

“Honesty is good but joy is better”

David Brooks

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Defined reputation

You don’t get to define who you are. Only others can do that, based on a consensus of your past actions and behaviours.

Pay attention to their definition. You may not like it as it may not match what you think of yourself. Just know they are very likely to be much more honest and therefore more accurate.

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Goal disengagement

In other words, it’s okay to quit.

Sometimes, keeping going can be an expensive mistake. Is that thing we’ve always wanted to do, or be, causing financial hardship, and stress and and anxiety? Then pause, consider the options and if necessary, stop.

I wonder how many other opportunities have been missed because we were to focused on an unattainable goal? Move on, your ego will survive!

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Here is one of life’s great ironies. The older we get the more friends we need. Doesn’t it seem though that the older we get the fewer friends we have?

Perhaps one of the best ways of spending our valuable time is expanding our friend circle by bringing one or two close acquaintances into our circle. The return on investment could be very worthwhile, because really, the older we get the more we need our friends!

I wonder who is going to hear from me today?

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This fall, a local school division will be offering a new course called Adulting. The course will teach basic every day life skills that ‘grown ups’ need to know.

My first reaction was that it’s about time. Finally, schools will be teaching practical everyday things that are useful and important as part of the education curriculum.

Then I wondered, where are the parents. Aren’t they the ones that have the responsibility to teach their kids how to write a cheque? I’m guessing the course is necessary because most parents would get a failing grade in this subject. There is a very good chance too that many adults could use an adulting course.

So, good for the school division to recognize the need. I can only hope the Adulting course is mandatory for the kids. They will need all the help they can get.

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2018 Word of the year


There’s a lot of it, from many unreliable and even hidden sources.

What it really reveals is our new lack of trust in the news. Now, we feel the need to be cautious.

Worse, it puts a burden on those of us who care to drill down to find truth.

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Face time

I don’t mean the time we spend in person in front of others. I mean how much time, and effort have you put into creating a great picture of yourself for all of your social media channels?

What people should see is a clean shot of your smiling face, showing what you look like and your personality. That early impression is lasting, even in a photo.

Your profile image should not be a selfie with a cluttered background. It should also not be a picture of your dog or cat. Travel scenes tell me you travel, that’s all. It’s also hard to figure out which person you are in a group shot, especially if we’ve never met!

I wonder how many more likes and contacts you will make by showing a friendly smile? Or even your smiling eyes? It’s worth the time it takes to do it right. As most small things are!

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