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Common Ground

What a great name for a local coffee shop!  The marketing opportunities are endless too…..

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Walmart’s bags of cash!

Walmart Canada has decided to start charging customers 5 cents per plastic bag at the check out. They say it’s to reduce the amount of bags that end up in a landfill site. I have a different opinion. Let’s do … Continue reading

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Wise Words #13

“We are witnessing a seismic change to consumer behaviour. And as a result of that, every company must understand that embracing the status quo as an operating principle is going to be basically a collision course with time” Howard Schultz, … Continue reading

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Newspaper Readership

Print readership in Canada, apparently, is doing just fine according to a recent non-print article I read. Source of the article? The Canadian Press, of course.

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What does IKEA make?

Not much. Made in China is on most IKEA products. As in a lot of IKEA products!

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The business that cried sale

When a retail business has a sale and says “limited time” or “offer ends soon” and then on the last day deliberately extends the offer by “one more day”, it sends all the wrong messages. What, the sale stiffed, you … Continue reading

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Working relationships

In the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to attend two excellent speaking events, one large and one very small. I heard world class business leaders, thinkers and authors share their views on the value of relationships in … Continue reading

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