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Political correctness run amuck

What the fuck! Or should I say WTF? A Liberal Member of Parliament, Mauril Belanger,wants to change the lyrics of O Canada so that it is more gender neutral!!!! He is proposing legislation to change the line “….in all thy … Continue reading

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Walmart’s bags of cash!

Walmart Canada has decided to start charging customers 5 cents per plastic bag at the check out. They say it’s to reduce the amount of bags that end up in a landfill site. I have a different opinion. Let’s do … Continue reading

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Trump and Trumper .1

I wonder if The Donald and his new pal Palin who will now trumpet the Trump virtues on the campaign trail will be able between the two of them to finish one thought or even one sentence. Deciding on the … Continue reading

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Finishing something

There is way to much stuff out there on the inter-web about how to start something, how to get going, even how to keep going. What we need more of are some suggestions on how to actually finish something we … Continue reading

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Doing more

A good friend of mine is an avid snow boarder. He was describing his up coming trip to the Canadian Rockies and the number of famous slopes he will be boarding. I asked how he will find the energy to … Continue reading

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Sean Penn is defending doing an interview with an on the run drug lord by saying he had a right to do the interview and did nothing wrong. It’s what journalists do, they seek to get a story before someone … Continue reading

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