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A great quote

“Everybody is somebody’s somebody” Hannah Taylor Winnipeg fundraiser and future leader

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A new title for car sales people

A rural car dealership is looking to hire “Floor Closers”. I wonder if that means that once you are on their show room floor you will be wrestled to the ground and pushed around until they can “close” the deal. … Continue reading

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Inflated opinions

With the Canadian government deciding to do away with the penny, I wonder how I will ever again get my “two cents in” to back up my opinions. I guess from now on I’ll have to offer a nickel’s worth … Continue reading

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Winnipeg Jets Mascot

I wonder when our Jets are going to get a mascot. Do you think we will have one by the beginning of the 2012/13 season? I wonder what his/her name will be? Any guesses?

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How long is long enough?

I received an e-mail from a friend with an attached video with a message that said I just had to watch it, “you’ll really enjoy it and it’s only 6 minutes long”. My first thought? Who has 6 minutes to … Continue reading

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