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From sea to table in Nova Scotia. Fresh doesn’t quite explain how good this meal was!

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Travel tips

There are only two.  1. Bring a real camera 2. Carry it with you at all times 3. Share your experience  4. Learn to count

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Weathering the stormĀ 

Hard to do on the beach of a salty ocean in Nova Scotia, if you’re an old fishing hut!

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The Maritimes

On Canada’s east coast, they are good times. Nova Scotia is drop dead beautiful…see below!

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Atlantic Canada

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Yes the iconic red and white lighthouse is here. I thought I would share a shot that is equally representative of this popular tourist destination, just to be different! 

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Getting away

Tomorrow, I’m doing just that! I will be getting on a plane early in the day and traveling to a part of my country I have never seen. For an entire week I will be with friends I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Guard rails, speed bumps and yellow lines

These are are physical barriers designed for safety and controlling traffic flow. Typically, they are installed after a road is built.  I wonder why some people choose to install similar types of barriers before relationships get built? When they do, … Continue reading

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Giving and receiving

With a hug they are equal….

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Words of wisdom

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you things.” F. Capra

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