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Understanding the vegetarian diet

This is the best explanation ever…..”don’t eat things with faces”. Short and to the point and made me laugh…..

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Sick and tired 

Recently I found the need to go to the local drug store to get some over the counter cold medications.  It used to be there were only two disposable consumer items that really pissed me off when I had to … Continue reading

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De-stress for free

Go find a ray of sunshine, indoors or outdoors and sit in it. The longer you sit the better. 

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Healthy numbers

We all know that to maintain our weight we have to eat well and know what proper portions are. We also all know that the results of our effort to control our intake are hugely improved with the help of … Continue reading

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Food Scam

I guess we need to read food labels more closely! Check out how this apparent brand of ice cream is hiding their lie. It looks like ice cream, it was chosen from the ice cream freezer in the grocery store. … Continue reading

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Eating healthy

Here’s a great tip. Buy and eat food with no bar codes. Think about it!

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Anxiety defined

Fear plus planning = anxiety

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Depression defined

A recent TED Talk, by Kevin Breel, a young man who suffers from depression and has become a mental health activist by sharing his message, defined this insidious disease better than I’ve ever seen or heard. “Depression does not mean … Continue reading

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A great exercise

Jumping for joy. Try it.

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Something I can Afford!

Losing 20+ pounds!

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