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The meaning of names

Do you know the origin and meaning of your first name? My first name, Murray, has Scottish roots and means “sailor”. There are many people that think your name shapes their life. if you’re one of them, I hope you … Continue reading

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Photo sharing

I have finally connected my Flickr account with my blog. Just feeling the need to share!

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The new global salute of the people

This universally seen “salute” is widely used at any public event and even in private moments with family and friends! And there is an optional one or two handed version.

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Sharing words of wisdom #5

“I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done”.                                      Henry Ford

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Consuming is what us consumers do. Unfortunately some businesses think that unless I walk into their retail store to make a purchase I am not a consumer of theirs. Wrong! I don’t have to buy something to be a consumer. … Continue reading

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Is it really expensive?

We have a choice when purchasing most anything. Our choice is what we are willing to pay. Often the low price wins. But are we really saving anything if it doesn’t work or doesn’t as long as it should because … Continue reading

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