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What are you worth?

I don’t mean monetarily, or the stuff you own. I mean, what are you worth in terms of the value you bring to others. Yes I know it’s hard to measure so here is a way to keep track. You … Continue reading

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Word of the day

For those of us who are tired of using and hearing the word ‘change’, let’s change it up. I strongly suggest ‘impermanence’. Go ahead, impress your friends!

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Words of Wisdom

“Attitude is the most important choice any of us will make” Seth Godin

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Happy Re-New Year

Some words to re-peat as often as necessary for our new year: Re-birth, re-awaken, re-energize, re-new, re-start, re-vive, re-store, re-concile, re-purpose Lets just re(ree) and see what changes be re-sponsible for in our own lives and in the lives of … Continue reading

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