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Resolve not to wait for January 1st

I’m as guilty as anyone. If I want to start something, like a weight loss plan or an exercise plan (or both) about this time of year I will look at the calendar and think, “you know Murray, New Year’s … Continue reading

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Now I’ve Seen It All… I Think?

I wonder, what were they thinking???? Quick response codes are just a fancy bar code that is meaningless until it is scanned. To be scanned, it requires a scanner app to be installed on your smart phone which then requires … Continue reading

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Start to Finish….something

Instead of spending time thinking about how you are going to do something or worse deciding when the right time is to do it, just start doing it. I know you’re going to say “but I’m not ready yet”. It … Continue reading

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It’s Google Time!

This is too funny. Today, November 6/11 at 11:15am the Google Hot Trend searches in Canada were: 1. Toronto time 2. Heure Montreal 3. Edmonton 4. Montreal time 5. Calgary time 6. Ottawa time 7. Vancouver time 8. Amber Kirman … Continue reading

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Low Level Apology

I seem to be on a trend with my ‘wonderings’ about the sincerity and quality of some public apologies that have recently become (apparently) news worthy. Here is another one I wonder about. Jet Blue got some unwanted attention last week … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry (but is it really me?)

The Neepawa Natives, a Manitoba Junior Hockey League team have been in local and national news because of a recently reported hazing incident. After much navel gazing and finger pointing the necessary apology to their league, fans, parents, players and … Continue reading

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