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Stress reduction

We all have it and we don’t like it and want to manage it. Here is a guaranteed way to reduce your stress!  I finally bought a diffuser. It’s a small container that you fill with water, add about 5 … Continue reading

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What if?

There are two options, “What if it doesn’t work out”? and “What if it does work out”?  “It”, can be anything you want it to be. The natural tendancy with most people is to take the negative approach first. It’s … Continue reading

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Yes, there is an app for that! I have one that lets me make daily entries, like a journal.  I often open the app without knowing what I’m going to say I am grateful for. Doing this forces me to … Continue reading

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Children’s Books

The classic book for a young child tells a story based on a central idea or theme and is often beautifully illustrated.  My collection of these books is growing and I don’t have any young children. I buy them for … Continue reading

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