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Walmart’s bags of cash!

Walmart Canada has decided to start charging customers 5 cents per plastic bag at the check out. They say it’s to reduce the amount of bags that end up in a landfill site. I have a different opinion. Let’s do … Continue reading

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Want a like new home?

If you’re happy with your space and don’t need to make structural changes and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, buying and moving and still want something new, paint the interior.  Don’t be afraid of a radical … Continue reading

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Inflated opinions

With the Canadian government deciding to do away with the penny, I wonder how I will ever again get my “two cents in” to back up my opinions. I guess from now on I’ll have to offer a nickel’s worth … Continue reading

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USA Debt Clock

Above photo taken February 2009. Above photo taken February 2012. These shots of the US National Debt Clock, in New York City, only 3 years apart, tell a very big and ugly story. The moral of that story? The clock … Continue reading

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