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Apple’s 4th quarter earnings results and new level of cash reserves have quickly become well-known. See my last post. I’m wondering though about the spin-off earnings Apple has created for other businesses? App developers, musicians with iTunes sales, iPod, iPhone, … Continue reading

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Some core points of Apple’s fourth quarter earnings

Five years ago, the iPhone and iPad did not exist. Today they represent 72% of Apple’s earnings. This is not longer just a computer company. It has been re-imagined into a tech company, or a mobile company or a….I don’t … Continue reading

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Sports vs. Politics

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A Comment on Comments

I like to read the comments people make following online news stories. If you read enough of them about one specific article it’s possible to see a consensus which can help shape an opinion. And usually, a lot of comments … Continue reading

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Hyphenated Surnames

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I’m unconsciously sexist. These possibilities may explain my dislike for parents who have chosen to name their children using both of their last names. I’ve always wondered who initiated that conversation in that relationship but … Continue reading

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Your body of knowledge

Your vast body of knowledge is built up by your life’s experience. I think this is the one way obesity is good!

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In Other Words….

I wonder if it would just be easier to clearly say what we mean the first time?

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It’s official…I’m a blogger

When I recently tried to upload an image to this blog site I couldn’t do it. The reason? I had used up my 3 gig’s of free space so I had to upgrade. I now have another 10 gig’s for … Continue reading

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Pin this memo where you can see it. This year, 2012, will be this social media darling’s coming out year. Now go find a board to pin it on.

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Google takes interest in your business

Literally. Goggle is beta testing a new credit card for small business to use to buy AdWords. Give them credit (pun intended), they have more cash reserves than most banks.

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