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A must do today

This message is to all Canadian adults. Get out and vote.  You owe it to those in the past who gave their lives for their country and you owe it to future generations.  No excuses. Go do it. Please. 

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De-stress for free

Go find a ray of sunshine, indoors or outdoors and sit in it. The longer you sit the better. 

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Sitting on the deck of my bay

I don’t usually do this. Rarely do I reveal where I am or what I’m doing. The exception is a result of my deep appreciation for what I’m experiencing at this moment.  It’s the Thankgiving weekend in Canada. Tomorrow, Monday, … Continue reading

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Pots and pans and printers

I’m really confused. Who is the genius that decided it would be a good idea to sell Paderno cookware at Staples, the office supply store?   That’s right. The first place I would think of to get a new grill … Continue reading

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Distracted shopping

There is a new danger in our connected world to be aware of! Actually it’s a modified version of distracted driving. Instead of watching out for distracted drivers who are texting while driving we now have to be on the … Continue reading

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Mental Relaxation

Have you ever been somewhere and you wanted to leave? Have you ever been with someone and you wanted to be somewhere else? It happens all the time right? I wonder if this happens because we are not relaxed mentally? … Continue reading

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