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Stumping Google

I wonder, if my entire lifetime, I will ever search for something on Google and what I’m looking for can’t be found? Just once I’d like the screen to come up blank! I somehow think my chances aren’t very good … Continue reading

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Newspaper Readership

Print readership in Canada, apparently, is doing just fine according to a recent non-print article I read. Source of the article? The Canadian Press, of course.

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What does IKEA make?

Not much. Made in China is on most IKEA products. As in a lot of IKEA products!

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There is an “i” in team

Finally, here’s the proof!

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Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend

I’m thankful for many, many things in my life. I’m particularly thankful I get to live my life in this great country called Canada! Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!

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Lazy Talk

TV news broadcasters are professional readers and voices. Or are they? Are they so busy prior to going on-air that they don’t have time to practice and pronounce the names of the people they are reporting on? Very often they … Continue reading

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Conned by the cons

Sometimes things just seem upside down to me. Here is a headline in today’s local paper. “Inmates refuse work after pay cut” I wonder why: a) an inmate gets to refuse anything b) an inmate gets paid to work

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A List for Living

This list is from one of my favourite blogs that I subscribe to. The JacoBlog from Jacob’s Media is one of the most insightful subscriptions I have as it is very relevant to my media sales career because of the … Continue reading

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Bad Advertising

Maybe the title of this blog post should be weak advertising or ineffective advertising or how to insult the intelligence of the person you would like to do business with? Two examples from our local weekend newspaper: 1. A major … Continue reading

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The Root Cause

Too often, when we have a problem or issue when dealing with another person, we react to the event that is unfolding at that moment. The inevitable result is that this often provides fuel that makes the problem worse. At … Continue reading

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