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Something I can Afford!

Losing 20+ pounds!

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Observation from a 3 year old

“God doesn’t know how to play video games”

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A Buffet Disaster

Someone should tell the owners of any Mexican themed restaurant not to offer a buffet lunch. Heated tubs of re-fried beans, chili and crusted over guacamole is not my definition of “eating with your eyes”! Yuck.

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Is Your Mobile Phone Password Protected?

It only takes a minute to save hours of grief and aggravation should your phone get lost or stolen. Even honest people are curious and may find personal and private information that can give them access to your life. 

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A Tip to Help Make Hard Decisions

I often find it helpful to look at each option and then as best as you can, try to envision what that future might look like. Usually the results can become quite clear, making it easier to make the right … Continue reading

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Please Speak Clearly

When someone says, “I don’t know what to do” usually what they really mean to say is “I know what has to be done. I just don’t know how to get there”. To me there is a big difference. If … Continue reading

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Where’s Tiger?

Some guy by the name of Eldrick is in his place. He’s not very good and seems to have disappeared.

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USA Debt Clock

Above photo taken February 2009. Above photo taken February 2012. These shots of the US National Debt Clock, in New York City, only 3 years apart, tell a very big and ugly story. The moral of that story? The clock … Continue reading

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