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Stumping Google

I wonder, if my entire lifetime, I will ever search for something on Google and what I’m looking for can’t be found? Just once I’d like the screen to come up blank! I somehow think my chances aren’t very good … Continue reading

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My personal web site

I finally finished the long overdue upgrade on my personal web site. Actually it has been more of a complete rebuild as it has gone from a business to a personal theme. There are still a few things to be … Continue reading

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Content with content

I was until content (the words and images and audio and video that fill anything online) has taken on a whole new and special meaning. I wonder why. We have had content since early civilization learned to communicate. The first cave painting was … Continue reading

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Shrinking Domains

Years ago (three?) I remember having to type in a domain name to go to a web site. Now, this is a rare occurrence. Search is a big part of getting where you want to go but with the rapid … Continue reading

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