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Telling the truth

A friend recently asked me if I knew someone and what I knew about them? I told the truth based on what I knew of this person and it was not a good review. Why was it good to tell … Continue reading

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When you ask someone to recommend a service, a restaurant or even a person and they hesitate because they are thinking of an answer, how good do you think that recommendation will be? The longer they “um” and “uh” and … Continue reading

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A new way to give

I believe the general term is called crowd funding. I like the concept because the donations are generally given to an individual or family, not to a large non-profit organization. Yes there is the possibility of abuse and deceit. I … Continue reading

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Pay a little more

Amazing things happen when you agree to a price for a service and because the provider did such a good job you pay a little more than the agreed price. Try it. It’s worth it just in the feeling you … Continue reading

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