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Restaurant Etiquette

Cell phones. We all seem to have them and we now are at a point of relying on them for many uses other than using them as phones. I have a suggestion for 2014 and beyond, to the dumb smart … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Today, in the order that works for you, please enjoy: 1. Your family, both with you and far away 2. Each individual member of your family, young and old 3. The memories of those family members no longer here 4. … Continue reading

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What’s your top story for 2013?

I don’t mean your first pick of world events that was a big news story. What I’m asking you to think about is what is your own personal event of this past year? Did you do something that made a … Continue reading

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We need more of them. We need to encourage daydreaming. Dreamers think most about things they are passionate about. That’s when passionate dreamers become doers. When the needle gets moved the dreamer benefits and then many others (consumers, workers, etc.) … Continue reading

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