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Common Ground

What a great name for a local coffee shop!  The marketing opportunities are endless too…..

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Sick and tired 

Recently I found the need to go to the local drug store to get some over the counter cold medications.  It used to be there were only two disposable consumer items that really pissed me off when I had to … Continue reading

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Food Scam

I guess we need to read food labels more closely! Check out how this apparent brand of ice cream is hiding their lie. It looks like ice cream, it was chosen from the ice cream freezer in the grocery store. … Continue reading

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Usage directions

I wonder if the basic ‘how to use’ instructions manufacturers put on the packaging of many consumer products like shampoo, are there for us or them? Do we really need to know that we have to rinse the soap off. … Continue reading

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My personal web site

I finally finished the long overdue upgrade on my personal web site. Actually it has been more of a complete rebuild as it has gone from a business to a personal theme. There are still a few things to be … Continue reading

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What’s your “Smileage”?

I was recently reading an interview with Amit Kleinberger, the owner of Menchie’s, a very fast growing frozen yogurt franchise in North America. He positions his self serve restaurants as a happy experience based on a mission of “it’s not … Continue reading

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Creating attention….for yourself

I recently had a printing company design and print my own personal card. It’s the same universal size as any business card but it only contains my personal contact information. The front includes the usual coordinates like cell phone, home … Continue reading

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