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Role Models

Here is my definition of a good one. A person that behaves properly when no one else is around would be someone I could respect. I guess it depends on how they roll?

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What ever happened to English? Example: Would you like another beer? Or, can I get you anything else? Did you wanna or do you wanna. What the hell is that!!!

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Words of Wisdom

“Passion does not create commitment. Commitment creates passion”. Roy Williams

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Words of Wisdom

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I will accomplish what others can’t”. Anonymous

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A Tip to Remember

Remember this! When you think of something that you want to share with others on social media, or your blog, or face to face (remember those days?) write it down. Preferably in a place you can find it! How often … Continue reading

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Food Scam

I guess we need to read food labels more closely! Check out how this apparent brand of ice cream is hiding their lie. It looks like ice cream, it was chosen from the ice cream freezer in the grocery store. … Continue reading

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Looking Back

I recently turned 60 years old. More than previous birthdays I seem to be spending more time reflecting and looking back at my life. I’m very lucky as my memories are good ones and the view they give me is … Continue reading

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Home Expenses

Or is that “it sure is getting expensive to stay home”? It used to be that you spent money on things when you went out. Not now. Today, while at home, you can buy books and groceries from Amazon Prime … Continue reading

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