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Trump and Trumper .1

I wonder if The Donald and his new pal Palin who will now trumpet the Trump virtues on the campaign trail will be able between the two of them to finish one thought or even one sentence. Deciding on the … Continue reading

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Mental Relaxation

Have you ever been somewhere and you wanted to leave? Have you ever been with someone and you wanted to be somewhere else? It happens all the time right? I wonder if this happens because we are not relaxed mentally? … Continue reading

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Getting it right

We all want to do the things we do properly. We want to do things the right way to produce good results. Whether it’s discussing an issue with a friend, building a deck, driving a vehicle or any other day … Continue reading

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A message to managers of cashiers and servers

Please teach your staff to think for themselves. Examples:  If I am paying for a number of small items don’t ask me if I would like a bag. Of course I need a bag. How do you expect me to … Continue reading

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