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Usage directions

I wonder if the basic ‘how to use’ instructions manufacturers put on the packaging of many consumer products like shampoo, are there for us or them? Do we really need to know that we have to rinse the soap off. … Continue reading

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Your audible signature

We all have one. It’s your laugh. It’s my firm belief that our laugh is like a signature. It’s our own. It’s unique to each of us. Next time you are with a group of people pay attention to the … Continue reading

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Are you a “noticer”?

An arts reviewer, describing an exhibit of a local photographer, used this word to define the ability of the person behind the camera. The context is that the photographer sees what others don’t. He notices things that are there for … Continue reading

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Caption contests

There should be more of them. You know, the contest where there is a photo or cartoon with a text bubble where you have to describe what is going on by coming up with a comment. These contests keep you … Continue reading

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Failed display

In the high tech world of The Consumer Electronics Show you would think it would be fairly easy to set up a simple promotion display? Apparently not.

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Gift Cards

I really like receiving gift cards. I can redeem them at that store or web site when I want to purchase what I want. In rare cases there is an expiry date put on the card. Why I’m not sure … Continue reading

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A Tribute To TED

TED is the acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. This organization hosts thousands of TED talks from world experts in most any subject you can think of. Their talks from TED events held around the world are recorded and the … Continue reading

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Wind Chill Pride

Winter weather and temperatures in Canada can vary greatly even on a daily basis, from coast to coast. Us prairie dwellers are land locked and subject to Arctic air masses that can give us day time highs of -34C, even … Continue reading

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