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New York City

This amazing city, whether it’s referred to as Manhatten, or a reference is made to any other New York Burroughs has to be one of the most mentioned places on the planet in songs or song titles. Pick a genre … Continue reading

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Word of mouth

I hear this phrase a lot because I’m in the media sales business. And I support the value of the concept, as it’s a component part of what’s necessary for the success for any business. Cautionary note; word of mouth … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom

This is actually about wisdom and a very wise thought. I saw it somewhere, it is not an original thought and it wasn’t even credited to our friend ‘Anonymous’. However, it sure stuck with me which is always the first … Continue reading

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Good mouthing

I wonder what the world be like if people did less bad mouthing and more good mouthing. Let’s try it for a day and see what happens?

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