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A fraudulent title

What the hell is a “Thought Leader”? Does that mean I should follow your thinking? What credentials does one need to use this lofty title? Do you have any education or training? To me, it’s a fraud and a facade … Continue reading

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Quotable quote

“The one who has the least to say speaks the most”. How true. This truism came from a good friend who was relaying their frustration about attending group meetings, training sessions, etc. This is really another way of saying quit … Continue reading

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Going on a diet implies you’re going to eventually get off one.  I wonder if the results would be better if we simply made healthy long term changes to what and how much we eat? Oh, and getting more active … Continue reading

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More new words…..

Here are the new words describing certain behaviours that are trending in the world of online dating. Ghosting: one stops communicating without warning and just disappears  Benching: one has been sidelined and only called when needed Zombieing: suddenly, after an … Continue reading

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Are you a locavore?

I like it when I’m reading and I stumble on a word I’ve never read before. I had a hunch what it meant but I still took the time to get the definition. It means you eat locally grown or … Continue reading

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Thinking forward

Britain gets it. The global climate is changing, legislators there recognize it and they have the vision to do something about it. They have recently announced a ban of new diesel and gas engines by 2040. There are also short … Continue reading

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On average we speak at 225 words per minute. We are capable of hearing 500 words a minute.  I wonder, if we stop trying to make up the difference when people are talking to us, wouldn’t we become better listeners? … Continue reading

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When we think of our relationships we typically are having thoughts and feelings about relationships with others. I wonder how much better our relationships with others could be if we first focused on the the one relationship that matters most…..and … Continue reading

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From sea to table in Nova Scotia. Fresh doesn’t quite explain how good this meal was!

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Travel tips

There are only two.  1. Bring a real camera 2. Carry it with you at all times 3. Share your experience  4. Learn to count

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