A new way to give

I believe the general term is called crowd funding. I like the concept because the donations are generally given to an individual or family, not to a large non-profit organization.

Yes there is the possibility of abuse and deceit. I think that it’s been well documented that this can happen anywhere to anyone so as usual, buyer beware.

However, when a person you trust or a known source makes a recommendation for a donation please consider it. My recent experience was for a family with a child that required surgery for a critical condition. If the surgery was successful the child’s and family’s life would be positively changed forever. A goal was set and within a week it was exceeded and the funding request ended.

A happy result for a legitimate need. It was great knowing that I was one of many strangers that helped another stranger. For a measly $25 I felt like I made a friend.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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