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New job titles

Here is another example of how the workplace is changing. Ford has a person in the position of Global Director for Human-Machine Interface. How cool is that! I wonder what qualifications a person needs to get that gig? Part human, … Continue reading

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Fixing a problem

It’s much easier to make slight adjustments in your thinking and behaviors than it is to work on fixing the root cause of the problem or issue you are facing. In fact, small corrections are short term and just the … Continue reading

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A Good Question….To Ask Yourself!

I was recently reading an article about questions employers could ask, or should not ask, of prospective employees in the hiring process. No, this was not one of those articles that listed what would be considered trick questions, such as … Continue reading

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Conned by the cons

Sometimes things just seem upside down to me. Here is a headline in today’s local paper. “Inmates refuse work after pay cut” I wonder why: a) an inmate gets to refuse anything b) an inmate gets paid to work

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I’m wondering, again. Is this course still offered? Not that I’m interested! How about DIY auto repair?

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Work Productivity

I wonder how much more I could accomplish in a work day if every 30 minutes I asked myself what have I accomplished in the last half hour. Not just list what has kept me busy, but actually add up … Continue reading

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Taking a Time Out…..to Think

If we can teach ourselves to stop and think instead of continually barging ahead because we are so busy, we might actually accomplish more. Recently, I forced myself to sit and focus on a task. All I did was block … Continue reading

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Career Path

I would sure like to see the job description for Director of Foresight. And, I wonder, how does one get the experience? Note: This is a real position of a guy working for a Silicon Valley investment firm.

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