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Want a like new home?

If you’re happy with your space and don’t need to make structural changes and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, buying and moving and still want something new, paint the interior.  Don’t be afraid of a radical … Continue reading

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Size does matter

Why does 3/4 of a million dollars sound like way more money than when you say $750,000? It’s the same thing. To me, $750,000 is not just a lot of money it’s a big number. When compared to 3/4 of … Continue reading

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Your operating system

Something I read in today’s Monday Morning Memo from the Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams, made me think and wonder. Isn’t that why we read? Borrowing a couple of popular and well understood tech terms, “operating system” and “applications”, I … Continue reading

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Marketing Genius

Have you ever bought a pair of men’s socks that have a piece of crinkly tissue paper placed in one of the socks? Have you noticed that the socks with the tissue paper are way more expensive than a similar … Continue reading

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Value vs. Worth

Before you can bring value, to relationships or your work, you have to know what you are worth. And I’m not referring to money!

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Is it really expensive?

We have a choice when purchasing most anything. Our choice is what we are willing to pay. Often the low price wins. But are we really saving anything if it doesn’t work or doesn’t as long as it should because … Continue reading

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What is your urgency? Do you have any? Can you display any when you have to? If you don’t show any urgency when you want to get something done personally or you want someone else to do something for you, … Continue reading

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When someone says “that’s affordable” they are saying that’s a price they would be willing to pay. A better version of the same item could cost much more and to a person with a different budget or sense of value … Continue reading

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