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Photo captions

I like photography. Digital cameras provide immediate gratification of your effort and there are countless ways to share with people around the world. I like to study others work to better understand lighting and composition and to get creative ideas … Continue reading

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Bragging rights

It doesn’t happen very often but I’m going to claim them. At least for a day! On February 5th, 2013, just after the Super Bowl, in a blog post on this site, I stated that Oreo Cookies was the best … Continue reading

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Social work

From a marketing point of view, for a business, social media is a lot of work. The required heavy lifting isn’t getting done, so things get stale. If you’re not current the perception is you don’t really care or in … Continue reading

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This is the quote of the year!!!

And, the year isn’t over yet. I’m wondering if there is an annual award for the best quote. If there is, news anchor Brian Williams should get it. In fact there shouldn’t even be a contest. Just hand it to … Continue reading

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