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Online subscriptions

This comment is directed to any online business that offers a paid subscription service. If I like what you are offering and choose to sign up by paying a monthly or annual fee then please, do yourself a huge long … Continue reading

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2018 Word of the year

Disinformation. There’s a lot of it, from many unreliable and even hidden sources. What it really reveals is our new lack of trust in the news. Now, we feel the need to be cautious. Worse, it puts a burden on … Continue reading

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Speaking out

When you do, does that mean you should be negatively labeled as outspoken. I don’t think so! Speaking up is okay too. If you have something to say……say it.

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Telling the truth

A friend recently asked me if I knew someone and what I knew about them? I told the truth based on what I knew of this person and it was not a good review. Why was it good to tell … Continue reading

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When you ask someone to recommend a service, a restaurant or even a person and they hesitate because they are thinking of an answer, how good do you think that recommendation will be? The longer they “um” and “uh” and … Continue reading

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The true test of honesty

Let’s be honest. Most of us see ourselves as being truthful. To me though, being honest is bigger than that. Being honest is choosing a path in life and then being true to that path. You stay on that course, … Continue reading

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Family defined

I was chatting with a friend at work today about Valentine’s Day. That led to a discussion about the dynamics of a family and how the traditional definition of family has changed. Her definition of what makes a family work, … Continue reading

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Speaking of the truth

A friend of mine recently said to me, “there is no need to remember the truth, because it just is”. Truer words have never been spoken!

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Hiding the truth

The Pope is retiring. Okay, he is old and his duties must be exhausting. But why is the real reason not being shared with the world? So far the official reason is “advanced age”. What would be wrong with the … Continue reading

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