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Your operating system

Something I read in today’s Monday Morning Memo from the Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams, made me think and wonder. Isn’t that why we read? Borrowing a couple of popular and well understood tech terms, “operating system” and “applications”, I … Continue reading

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Mobile Technology

No, I’m not talking about smart phone technology. I’m talking about new cars. There is a lot of noise (new geek term) lately about cars that can drive themselves, parallel park themselves and more. The latest story is about wi-fi … Continue reading

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Your phone is full

How things have changed! Not that long ago if you got a message that your phone is full that meant your voice mail box could not take any more messages. Now, when your phone is full it means you have … Continue reading

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No the title of this post is not a typo. I just made up a new word. Hey, maybe it has a shot at Word of the Year for 2014? Yea right. How current are you? How much currentcy do … Continue reading

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“Technology are things that are invented after you are born” Anonymous

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