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Distracted shopping

There is a new danger in our connected world to be aware of! Actually it’s a modified version of distracted driving. Instead of watching out for distracted drivers who are texting while driving we now have to be on the … Continue reading

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Smart TV’s

If you don’t have one of these new ones does that mean your older TV is reasonably intelligent? By those standards I’m sure we all have at least one in our homes that is completely stupid!

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Mobile Technology

No, I’m not talking about smart phone technology. I’m talking about new cars. There is a lot of noise (new geek term) lately about cars that can drive themselves, parallel park themselves and more. The latest story is about wi-fi … Continue reading

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Your phone is full

How things have changed! Not that long ago if you got a message that your phone is full that meant your voice mail box could not take any more messages. Now, when your phone is full it means you have … Continue reading

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