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An exchange at the bank

Yes I was there to do a transaction, but the exchange wasn’t about money. It was an exchange of thoughtful words essentially between strangers. The short conversation between the bank teller and myself went like this…. Me: “I would like … Continue reading

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The bigger the box store the smaller the service

I wonder how often a corner office executive mystery shops one of their stores? If they did they would quickly realize how simple and basic training of their floor staff could lead to increased revenues.  If a front line staff … Continue reading

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Wise Words #13

“We are witnessing a seismic change to consumer behaviour. And as a result of that, every company must understand that embracing the status quo as an operating principle is going to be basically a collision course with time” Howard Schultz, … Continue reading

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Marketing Genius

Have you ever bought a pair of men’s socks that have a piece of crinkly tissue paper placed in one of the socks? Have you noticed that the socks with the tissue paper are way more expensive than a similar … Continue reading

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Consuming is what us consumers do. Unfortunately some businesses think that unless I walk into their retail store to make a purchase I am not a consumer of theirs. Wrong! I don’t have to buy something to be a consumer. … Continue reading

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Apple’s core

Cook said, “noting that its retail outlets now see 10 million people per week across its 400-plus locations”. And……the average Apple store does $50 Million a year Amazing numbers, yes? Here is one more. Six months and counting before the … Continue reading

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When someone says “that’s affordable” they are saying that’s a price they would be willing to pay. A better version of the same item could cost much more and to a person with a different budget or sense of value … Continue reading

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“Hi, could you tell me how much this costs”?

It’s a question we have all asked when we are close to making a purchase decision and the price of the item isn’t clearly marked. The answer is always clear and easy to understand as it is a fixed amount … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Bride

Brides to be in California can now get practice walking down the aisle. Lots of them! Costco stores are now selling bridal gowns at wholesale prices. I wonder if they are offering a gift registry now too? The best part … Continue reading

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Open and Closed

I wonder if there is a better way for a local small business to say they are Open or Closed? Perhaps their sign could say something more welcoming, or personal or more humourous? A little neon personality wouldn’t hurt and … Continue reading

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