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Online subscriptions

This comment is directed to any online business that offers a paid subscription service. If I like what you are offering and choose to sign up by paying a monthly or annual fee then please, do yourself a huge long … Continue reading

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I’m not going to tell you what you already know. That you need to be accountable for your actions and behaviours. Assuming your wiring isn’t short circuiting that is what is known as a “duh” statement.  It’s easy to cheat … Continue reading

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The Cost of Living

Typically this term refers to how much it costs to live measured by metrics such as the Consumer Price Index which reflects the costs of daily living based on the current price of everything from groceries to gas to interest … Continue reading

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The Prescribed Drugs Are Guilty

Yesterday a judge accepted the argument that the drunk driver was not responsible for her actions because of her medications and would not get sent to jail. Just wondering how is it these drugs make people do involuntary things like … Continue reading

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The Prescription Drugs Made Me Do It

A local woman, charged with drunk driving after crashing into a city work crew and crushing the legs of a worker between two vehicles is blaming her prescription medication for her behaviour. According to her lawyer, taking Mirapex caused numerous … Continue reading

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Dangerous Road Conditions

ATTENTION DRIVERS! It is not the condition of the road that caused you to crash into the trunk of the car in front of you, or to plough into the ditch on the side of the road. The road is … Continue reading

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