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Write your own eulogy

Not that you will have any control about what is said about you after you’re gone, but at least you’ll have a clear vision about your life’s work along the way. It’s probably a good idea to update it as … Continue reading

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If money is your measure of how successful you are in life, get a new ruler.

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How invested are you?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about living. We can invest in our thinking, behaviours, emotions, relationships, education, careers, business, giving, receiving, health and anything else you can’t go to a store and buy.  The question to ask yourself … Continue reading

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Living art

Maybe the title of this post should be The Art of Living? The Globe and Mail’s TV writer John Doyle, states in his review of HBO’s new series, Vinyl, that art has “….the force to make you feel suddenly alive, … Continue reading

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On being human

I just read an article where the writer states, “it’s okay to be a human being.” I’m glad to hear that! But what the hell does that mean. Somebody should write that book! A suggested title could be “How to … Continue reading

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Want a like new home?

If you’re happy with your space and don’t need to make structural changes and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, buying and moving and still want something new, paint the interior.  Don’t be afraid of a radical … Continue reading

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Looking Back

I recently turned 60 years old. More than previous birthdays I seem to be spending more time reflecting and looking back at my life. I’m very lucky as my memories are good ones and the view they give me is … Continue reading

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Living your dash

Full credit to Tim Miles from his Daily Blur blog on this ‘make you stop and wonder’ moment. You know that little dash between your year of birth and death (xxxx – yyyy)? Are you living your dash? Are you … Continue reading

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A List for Living

This list is from one of my favourite blogs that I subscribe to. The JacoBlog from Jacob’s Media is one of the most insightful subscriptions I have as it is very relevant to my media sales career because of the … Continue reading

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Sharing words of wisdom #8

“Life is a canvas. Throw all the paint on it you can” Danny Kaye

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