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Protesting Protesters

In a free and democratic society like Canada you have a right to protest, as a group or as an individual. Typically, the purpose of a public demonstration is to raise awareness of your cause. Peaceful protesting will do that. … Continue reading

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On average we speak at 225 words per minute. We are capable of hearing 500 words a minute.  I wonder, if we stop trying to make up the difference when people are talking to us, wouldn’t we become better listeners? … Continue reading

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Under the influence

Here is a great quote that falls into the category of “you are what you eat”. “What you pay attention to in the world is what you’re going to end up knowing”, from Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psycological Wealth, … Continue reading

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Asked for advice

If you were asked by friends who are parents of two young male adults to give some advice to them, what would you choose to say? This honour was recently given to me and it really made me think about … Continue reading

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An easy way to be more helpful to others

Want to do more good more often? Then imagine yourself as a lighthouse. Become a virtual lighthouse with a working beacon. This way you’ll always be there to prevent others from crashing into the rocks.

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Fighting for a conversation voice

A friend used this expressive phrase the other day with me to describe the dynamics of a group conversation. I wonder, if you have to struggle to be heard, is it worth the effort if no one is prepared to … Continue reading

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Are you listening?

And I mean really listening to what someone is saying! Or, are you thinking how to reply or what to say next? Or, are you distracted by what is going on around you? Or is your attention taken away by … Continue reading

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