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Deep Pockets

In a recent conversation with a friend, while we were talking about the apparent issue with the bendable iPhone 6+, I predicted that someone is going to change fashion design by creating pants or jeans with bigger pockets. It’s already … Continue reading

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Apple’s 4th quarter earnings results and new level of cash reserves have quickly become well-known. See my last post. I’m wondering though about the spin-off earnings Apple has created for other businesses? App developers, musicians with iTunes sales, iPod, iPhone, … Continue reading

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Some core points of Apple’s fourth quarter earnings

Five years ago, the iPhone and iPad did not exist. Today they represent 72% of Apple’s earnings. This is not longer just a computer company. It has been re-imagined into a tech company, or a mobile company or a….I don’t … Continue reading

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Mobile Branding

There are two clear leaders in mobile operating systems. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. I think that the winner in the race to build equity in their brand with sales of mobile phones is Apple. Google’s model is to provide … Continue reading

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