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Going on a diet implies you’re going to eventually get off one.  I wonder if the results would be better if we simply made healthy long term changes to what and how much we eat? Oh, and getting more active … Continue reading

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How invested are you?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about living. We can invest in our thinking, behaviours, emotions, relationships, education, careers, business, giving, receiving, health and anything else you can’t go to a store and buy.  The question to ask yourself … Continue reading

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It’s been suggested by many experts as a tactic to achieve a goal, place a picture of what you want in a place where it is a constant reminder of that goal. This positive reinforcement is supposed to enable you … Continue reading

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Hiding the truth

The Pope is retiring. Okay, he is old and his duties must be exhausting. But why is the real reason not being shared with the world? So far the official reason is “advanced age”. What would be wrong with the … Continue reading

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Something I can Afford!

Losing 20+ pounds!

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