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Goal disengagement

In other words, it’s okay to quit. Sometimes, keeping going can be an expensive mistake. Is that thing we’ve always wanted to do, or be, causing financial hardship, and stress and and anxiety? Then pause, consider the options and if … Continue reading

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Positive journaling

I’m one of those people that has a need to keep my thoughts and ideas. Often, I will think of something and if I don’t find a way to keep it, it’s quickly forgotten.  In an attempt to end the … Continue reading

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Driving in the dark

I believe this is the perfect analogy to help understand and deal with the frustration of  attempting to achieve your goals. Let’s use spirituality as the example and let’s assume you are searching for faith. A difficult search indeed because … Continue reading

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Get motivated

Without a clear motive, you can’t be truly motivated. Your motive is your reason for doing something. Know that and motivation will follow.

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Good Behaviour

It’s the beginning of a new year. For weeks we have been reading about how we can achieve our new goals and make our resolutions happen. Here is one that may actually work. Just go about your day imagining someone … Continue reading

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Be Flexible

It’s a great way to create a good and happy life. If we insist on sticking to a plan to achieve whatever our goals are we will either miss out on opportunities or because of stubbornness stick with a way … Continue reading

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Two ways to lead

1. Intimidate others to create fear. It works but only in the short term. Why? Because this method takes away individual freedom of thought and expression. Eventually your followers rebel because people don’t want to do things they don’t believe … Continue reading

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It’s been suggested by many experts as a tactic to achieve a goal, place a picture of what you want in a place where it is a constant reminder of that goal. This positive reinforcement is supposed to enable you … Continue reading

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What’s your top story for 2013?

I don’t mean your first pick of world events that was a big news story. What I’m asking you to think about is what is your own personal event of this past year? Did you do something that made a … Continue reading

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Wise words #12

On keeping your commitments, to yourself and others…. “Too often we sacrifice important on the alter of the urgent.” Michael Hyatt, Intentional Leadership

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