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Do you have a big but?

In many ways I think we all do. A big but is nothing more than a weak excuse holding you back from doing things you need or want to do. A big but is procrastination’s jet fuel! Your big but … Continue reading

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Doing more

A good friend of mine is an avid snow boarder. He was describing his up coming trip to the Canadian Rockies and the number of famous slopes he will be boarding. I asked how he will find the energy to … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

Whether at work or in your personal life, here is a very doable suggestion to help you get things done. 1. Make an appointment with yourself for that task 2. Keep that appointment, no matter what 3. Turn off all … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I will accomplish what others can’t”. Anonymous

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What is your urgency? Do you have any? Can you display any when you have to? If you don’t show any urgency when you want to get something done personally or you want someone else to do something for you, … Continue reading

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Taking a Time Out…..to Think

If we can teach ourselves to stop and think instead of continually barging ahead because we are so busy, we might actually accomplish more. Recently, I forced myself to sit and focus on a task. All I did was block … Continue reading

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